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With the variety of intimacy rejuvenation treatments available, choosing the best option for you may seem overwhelming. Board-certified OB/GYN's Robert Gennaro, MD, Patrick Cahill, DO, Antonios Panagiotakis, DO, Shieva Ghofrany, MD, FACOG, and their team at Coastal Obstetrics & Gynecology offer radiofrequency vaginal treatments with Geneveve™ by Viveve at their location in Stamford, Connecticut. To learn more about the advantages of radiofrequency vaginal treatments, call or book an appointment online.

Radio Frequency Q & A

What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a type of energy. All energy is measured in wavelengths, and RF ranges from about 20,000 to 300 billion waves per second. Energy in the RF spectrum doesn’t cause the physical pain and muscle contractions that lower-frequency currents produce.

RF has been used in medicine for over 75 years, ranging from minimally invasive surgeries such as radiofrequency ablation to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Now, RF has become a popular cosmetic treatment due to its ability to make skin tighter, firmer, and more elastic.

How does radiofrequency energy improve vaginal symptoms?

The team at Coastal Obstetrics & Gynecology offers RF intimacy rejuvenation treatments with the Geneveve system. They carefully selected Geneveve due to its clinically proven cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency technology (CMRF).

This-cutting edge technology uniformly heats vaginal tissues while cooling the delicate surface. The RF energy promotes your body’s natural rejuvenation process, leading to increased blood flow, enhanced sensitivity, and healthy new collagen and elastin.

During the weeks and months after Geneveve treatment, your body continues to rejuvenate itself, relieving symptoms such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Painful intercourse
  • Vaginal atrophy

Geneveve improves these symptoms without surgery, hormones, pain, or downtime for recovery.

What are the benefits of Viveve over other vaginal treatments?

Unlike other treatments, Viveve doesn’t use laser energy. Lasers create microscopic wounds in your vaginal tissue, and these wounds trigger your healing response.

Radiofrequency doesn’t induce micro-wounds, making Viveve a safe and pain-free option. Instead, RF energy vibrates the molecules in your body to create heat. This stimulates collagen production and blood flow in your vagina. The collagen restores youthful elasticity while the increased circulation brings moisture and lubrication.

The RF energy Viveve produces also goes deeper into your vaginal tissues than any other device available today. This leads to longer-lasting results with only one treatment. Laser vaginal treatments typically require multiple sessions to achieve the same result Viveve produces in a single 30-minute procedure.

Viveve is also the only device to incorporate cryogen cooling technology, making this system the best on the market.

To schedule your Viveve consultation, call Coastal Obstetrics & Gynecology or message us using our Klara system.